it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1 Download Karaoke iSongs
2 Drag them in to iTunes
3 Sync up your iPod

Thousands of Karaoke Songs in your pocket
Did you know that your iPod is actually a mega powerful and portable Karaoke machine? Karaoke iSongs™ let's you now take your Karaoke everywhere you go. You can even plug in an AV link and connect it to your TV to play karaoke videos.

Karaoke iSongs™
are made specially to order and are easy to download and transfer to your iPod. There's no software or file conversions necessary - we do all that for you. Simply order your Karaoke iSongs™ and we'll have them produced and ready for you to download within 24 hours of ordering. Drag them in to iTunes, plug in your iPod and sync it up and you're all set!.

Hook your iPod up to your hi-fi, plug it in to your TV, or just sing to yourself with your earphones - the choice is yours!

Get The Party Started
Got some friends stopping by your house this weekend? Then what better way to get them in to the party mood than with an entertaining Karaoke night - everybody loves to sing Karaoke!

At a party and the host is worried that his party may be falling a bit flat? You can save the evening...reach in to your pocket for your iPod, connect it to a TV set, and get everyone involved in a rip-roaring Karaoke evening - awsome!

Save $$$'s
Have you noticed that the Karaoke CD's you buy at your local record store have 15 or 16 songs on them, but there are only one or two songs which are good enough to sing?

Well, now the secrets out...Karaoke companies do this on purpose so that you have to buy more CD's! They NEVER put 15 good songs on one CD - they keep making you come back to buy more. It's not unusual for Karaoke fans to buy 8 or 10 CD's just to get 15 or 20 good songs...until now! No more wasting money! With Karaoke iSongs™ you can download individual songs, so you only pay for the songs you want (not what those other Karaoke companies force you to buy)!

ipod_cable_TVMakes the KaraokeJocks Job easier...
Are you a Karaoke Disc Jockey? Then using a simple and inexpensive 3 way iPod cable (that you can purchase at any audio store), you can connect the video from your iPod to your TV screen and the left and right audio to your PA system. Now you'll have thousands of Karaoke iSongs™ at your fingertips, all instantly accessible, listable and playable.

You'll be able to locate Karaoke songs in seconds using the iPods easy-to-use click wheel. It's so much quicker than searching through hundreds of CD's or browsing dozens of DVD folders trying to find the right song (while the poor singer waits impatiently with microphone in hand)! The iPod can even locate Karaoke songs quicker than a dedicated Karaoke PC or noteboke running "pro" Karaoke hosting software - how cool is that? Nice one iPod!

And, if that's not enough, now you can say goodbye to scratched discs and "skipping". Karaoke iSongs™ have no moving parts so there's nothing to jump, skip, jitter, break or get dirty fingermarks on. Your audience will love you for giving them a more professional and entertaining Karaoke experience (and you'll get repeat bookings from the venues for sure).

- The iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music.

- Now it's revolutionizing the way we sing Karaoke.

- Don't delay, stay ahead of the curve and get in on the action now!

- Download Karaoke iSongs™

• Karaoke on your iPod
• Download Karaoke iSongs within 24 hours of ordering
• Easy to use - drag them in to iTunes and sync up your iPod
• No special cables, convertors or software required
• Great for partys, camping, beach
• Small, compact, portable, quick song search
• No more scratched discs or skipping!

• PC or Mac with iTunes installed
• Fast internet connection (for downloading songs)
• Video capable iPod (iPod Video 30Gb, 60Gb or 80Gb)

Optional Extras
• Audio/AV cable (for connecting to your TV)
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